Apex Legends Mobile Review – The Best Battle Royale on Mobile?


Apex Legends Mobile is a pretty staggering achievement. It’s not without its rough edges, and the controls can be finicky, but it still manages to capture the tension, chaos and sheer fun of the console version in the palm of your hand.

If you’ve not heard of the game, it’s essentially a team-based battle royale. You and two other players fight it out with a bunch of other squads to be the last-team-standing. You’re jumping into the arena with nothing but your fists, and you’ll need to collect guns, gear and more if you want to come out on top.

There’s the inevitable closing ring as well – the space you have to fight in gets smaller and smaller as you play, turning an open battlefield into a tightly-packed nightmare of bullets and explosions when you get to the business end of the experience.

You’ve got other modes to play as well, usually offering shorter, sharper fights than the 20-ish minutes you’re going to have to invest in a full battle royale. Different characters have different skills as well, and using them at the right time can turn certain death into a sudden and glorious victory.

The game runs reasonably smoothly (we tested it on an iPhone Xs Max) but it can be pretty hungry when it comes to battery power. The controls aren’t perfect, but if you’ve played any other modern shooter on mobile, you’re going to be able to get past that. You can change the layout to better suit your digits as well.

There’s always something to do here, whether it’s unlocking the next step in your progression, finishing a challenge or just having a blast jumping into a scrap and taking out a few foes with your friends.

Of all the battle royale games available on mobile this ranks amongst the most polished, the most well-balanced and the most entertaining. It’s a big, complex, AAA experience that’s going to leave you with a massive grin on your face. Apex Legends Mobile is well worth checking out.