Apex Legends Season 13 Battle Pass Leaks, Reportedly Fantasy-Themed


The contents of Apex Legends’ Season 13 battle pass appear to have been leaked on Reddit, and its medieval theme has taken many players by surprise. It seems the legends will be trading their EVO shields for some chainmail this season, with many of the leaked cosmetics resembling those from Apex’s very first Collection Event, the Iron Crown Collection, which debuted back in August 2019. Here’s a look at the loot that’s been unveiled so far. All of this is unconfirmed and subject to change.

Character skins

Bloodhound and Fuse will be getting Legendary skins, while Mad Maggie, Newcastle, and Pathfinder appear to be getting Epic-tier cosmetics, all of which match the season’s high-fantasy theme.

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Reactive weapons

As per usual, the Season 13: Saviors battle pass contains 100 rewards, plus an extra something for those who go the extra mile and complete the 10 bonus levels. Players who reach level 100 of the Saviors battle pass will receive a golden Legendary-tier reactive Spitfire skin, while those who make it to level 110 will get a similar Spitfire skin in red.

Easily-attained Apex packs

Apex packs are a mainstay in Apex Legends battle passes, but this season, players will only have to make it to level 3 to attain this season’s Legendary Apex pack, which is guaranteed to unlock at least one Legendary-tier cosmetic upon opening.

While the leaked content hasn’t been confirmed as legitimate, Apex players will soon get to see what other treasures lie within the Saviors battle pass when Season 13 launches on May 10. What we do know for sure is that there are some major changes hitting both Storm Point and Ranked mode.

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