Arc8 Launches New Basketball Game Hoop Shot as Well as a Gamified Launchpad


There’s nothing more satisfying than making a shot in basketball. Which means the new game Hoop Shot that’s a part of the third season for Arc8 is onto a good thing, because it’s a game that consists of nothing but net.

The aim is to score hoops, one after the other. Every time you sink a ball that hoop disappears and another one takes its place. Some of these hoops move up and down. Others slide from left to right and back again.

Some are even more devious, bobbing and weaving or sitting at an awkward angle.

To throw your ball you just pull back and let go, a bit like you do with the catapult in Angry Birds. This gives you control over not only the power of your shots but also the trajectory, which is indicated by an arcing dotted line.

Whenever you miss a shot in Hoop Shot you lose a life – and you’ve only got three to give away. Fortunately, you can improve your odds and extend your run with power-ups.

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One of these is a shield that rescues one wayward ball from falling off the bottom of the screen. One increases the size of the hoops you’re aiming at, while another reduces the size of your ball for a few turns.

Not only is Hoop Shot furiously addictive, but it lets you win real prizes by dominating the leaderboards. Here are some quick tips to help you do just that.


There are two types of timer in Hoop Shot. The first is the overall timer, which gives you a non-negotiable two-minute window to score as highly as you can. The other is a shot timer, and the aim is to fill it in order to increase your multiplier. Basically, play fast to score high.
Fast, and with unerring accuracy. While getting the ball into the hoop is the aim, you can increase your score multiplier by pulling off bank shots against the walls of the level and sinking balls without hitting the sides of the hoop.
You’ll notice that there are stars dotted around the place. Collect these to increase your score even further – even if it means a slightly more risky shot.

If you follow these tips and hone your skills with practice you’ll put yourself in the running for some GMEE tokens.

Let us explain.

Welcome to the Gamified Launchpad

Hoop Shot is just the latest game to be playable on Arc8’s innovative play-to-earn casual gaming platform.

Up to now Arc8 has exclusively rewarded players of the games on its platform with its very own cryptocurrency token, called GMEE. Like any digital currency, this can be exchanged for hard cash, making Arc8 a play-to-earn platform.

To win, players have to play games, complete tasks, and vie for leaderboard supremacy, earning a share of a prize pot for their troubles.

GMEE has been the only token on offer so far. But now, thanks to the introduction of a gamified launchpad, it was possible to obtain other types of token, such as TOWER, REVV, and QUICK. Countless others are in the pipeline with ones from MATIC (Polygon) and SAND (Sandbox) already confirmed for Season 3.

In terms of your experience as a player, the Gamified Launchpad won’t make a lot of difference. You’ll still get to play fun casual games and earn cryptocurrency. You’ll just be able to earn more types of token.

But over time the scheme is sure to expand the “arcadeverse” – a term that perfectly describes the Arc8 app and its arcade games – massively by increasing the number of developers bringing titles to the platform. You’ll get to experience a plethora of genres and brands, pocketing a diverse array of tokens and NFTs along the way.

Each season will feature tokens from both famous established NFT projects to promising emerging ones – with the sponsor of that season dictating what kind of token you can win. These tokens are all different, but have one great thing in common: you can trade them in for cash.

Woohoo! To get started, download the Arc8 app on the Google Play Store or the App Store right now – just click here.