Crowd Evolution Strategy Guide – Upgrade and Grow Your Army


Crowd Evolution is a game about violence, recruitment and time travel. You need to add to your army, speed up their progress to get more powerful weapons and use them to kill as many foes as you possibly can. It’s simple enough, but there’s still a lot to take in if you want to succeed.

And since we’re all about enabling success, we thought it was a sensible idea to write up a guide to help you out. The strategies you’ll find below stem from our time playing Crowd Evolution, and now we’re only too happy to share all we’ve learned. Follow these suggestions and your crowd is going to be the most fearsome the world has ever seen.

Whether you’re just building your army or you’ve already traversed far enough into the future to wield laser weapons, there’s going to be something here to help you out as your journey progresses. After all, these are the best hints, tips and cheats for Crowd Evolution. Bosh.

Check the gates

You should always be aiming for the gate that gives you the biggest boost, whether that’s in time or warriors. Avoid passing through red gates, which will take things away from you – but by the same token, if you have to, aim for the gate that’s going to take the least. And don’t be fooled by years, months and days – just because the number is the biggest doesn’t mean the loss or gain will be.

Upgrade smart

There are four different things to upgrade – two at the end of levels and two at the start. Try and spread these out reasonably evenly, but adding to your fire rate and damage should be slightly higher up the list. Throw in some new starting warriors and time to begin with, but don’t become fixated on that growth.

Kill as many as you can

Make sure you’re killing as many enemies as you can as you progress down the level. It’s not essential to do this, but killing them will make it less likely they’re going to take warriors from your army. And it’ll also give you extra cash, which you can spend on getting even tougher.

Push the buttons

Often there will be buttons on the level. It’s important to press these, since they’ll spring traps on your enemies. They might fall down holes or stumble into spikes. These traps won’t harm you, and they’re a great way to kill a lot of foes in one fell swoop. See a button? Stand on it.

Watch the videos?

You’ll regularly get the chance to watch videos, either to increase your cash, unlock upgrades or get new weapons. For the most part, you’re not going to need to waste time with these. They might speed up your progress a little, but you’re better grinding your way through the game rather than having to stop playing to get something new.