GoPro Hero 10 Black Creator Edition Makes Vlogging So Much Better video



Speaker 1: This is the GoPro hero, 10 black creator edition, which takes the hero 10 black camera and puts it together with three accessories in one package, GoPro sent me one to test out. So let me show you all the pieces that make up the creator edition and whether it makes sense for you. So let’s have a look.

Speaker 1: So this is it. This is the GoPro hero, 10 black creator [00:00:30] edition in pieces. Now at the center of it is the same great little camera that was announced last year in September, 2021. It’s GoPro O’s current top camera, the hero 10 black, and that features, uh, video captured up to 5.3 Ks, 60 frames per second, or 4k at 120 frames per second for slow motion, a ton of other shooting options, of course, and it’s got incredible image stabilization and it’s waterproof [00:01:00] down to 33 speed. Now the camera is just the camera and it’s really the mounts and accessories that make it more versatile. So for the creator edition, GoPro bundled it with a couple of its mods, uh, the media mod and the light mod. So if you pop off the side door on the camera and slide it into the media mod, uh, and that adds a micro HTMI output, a 3.5 millimeter mic Jack [00:01:30] and a USBC pass through for charging the camera while it’s in the mod. Uh, it also has a directional mic with a removable foam windscreen and to cold shoes. And in one of the, those shoes, you can slide in the included light mod, which is a compact L E D light with four levels of brightness, including an overdrive mode for getting it as bright as possible and a strobe option so that you can use it as a safety light. There are brighter lights out [00:02:00] there, but there are bigger and heavier and are unlikely to be waterproof, which this one is

Speaker 1: Now both of these mods have been available for some time, but the creator edition puts them together and adds the new Volta hand grip right here. Now a Volta, which is more than just a grip. It has a us B C cable here, [00:02:30] and that plugs into the back of the media mod. And there’s a battery in the grip. So GoPro says that battery will let you record with the camera for up to four hours. It’s also a Bluetooth remote control for camera. So you can power on and off the camera switch shooting modes start and stop recording snap photos, or start a time lapse. And since it’s a wireless connection, you can use it with the camera mounted somewhere else. Now the cable [00:03:00] is just for power, so it needs to be connected, uh, by Bluetooth to get it working as a wireless remote.

Speaker 1: Now, the Volta has built in legs too, so that you can flip it down and use it as a tripod and the, uh, top Mount swivels all the way around. So you can get the camera just in the right position. And it also has a set of pop out mounting fingers. So it can quickly be attached to another Mount and you can still take advantage of the battery. [00:03:30] Now it’s too bad that it doesn’t extend it all, but it does have a tripod Mount in the bottom. So putting it on a selfie is easy enough and, uh, gives you a little more reach if it’s needed. Another thing to keep in mind is that while the individual parts are weather resistant or waterproof, once the vault is connected to the media mod, they’re no longer weather tight. So standing around in the snow or rain, uh, while they’re all connected, while you’re vlogging, won’t [00:04:00] be the best thing to do.

Speaker 1: Now, how about pricing? Well, as you might expect, since the package includes the camera, this is not going to be cheap. The hero 10 black creator edition is $785, but for the GoPro service subscribers, it’s $582, which actually isn’t too bad. Uh, the best deal though is going to be for new subscribers. And that brings the total price down to $532. And if [00:04:30] you just want the Volta grip alone, that’s gonna be $130. So you can find out more details about all of the products in this video, in the links, including our full review of the hero, 10 black. Um, so what do you think, let me know in the comments and thanks for watching.