Grovemade x Blackwing Pencil Kit integrates a sharpener, tip protection, and a cool design


If you write by hand in the office, consider the Grovemade x Blackwing Pencil Kit. It doesn’t just store your stationery, but it also includes a built-in sharpener and tip protection. This way, you can keep your tools in the best shape for the job. Moreover, this Grovemade and Blackwing collaboration includes 12 custom pencils, a walnut stand, and a sharpener. The pencils are completely unique, as they’re made from incense-cedar and premium Japanese graphite. As a result, you can write with confidence for an unparalleled experience. Furthermore, this kit boasts a modern aesthetic for a clean look on your desk. So you will not only have your stationery on hand but also enjoy a clutter-free workspace. Overall, keep your pencils sharp and within easy reach when you have this kit.