iiRcade Adding Third-Party Controller And Accessory Support, No Wires Required


Home arcade platform iiRcade is getting more customizable with a new accessory initiative, adding support for an array of third-party controllers and devices as an alternative to the traditional control sticks. It should give players better options for certain games that aren’t a natural fit for standard arcade controls.

The initiative, which iiRcade calls the Open Arcade Accessory Platform, will begin with support for “off the shelf” spinners and trackball controllers, meaning there isn’t any modification you’ll have to do to get them working on iiRcade. The standard iiRcade systems available now will support these controllers via Bluetooth. Because the upcoming Gold Edition models also include USB ports on the underside of the control panel, these will support USB connections in addition to Bluetooth.

“All new games capable of taking advantage of the accessories are still being targeted to work with the standard joystick controllers on both the Classic and Gold editions of iiRcade, enabling every owner of iiRcade to enjoy the new games without the need for accessories,” the company said in a press release. This seems to suggest, as least for the time being, that lightgun games will be off the menu. The only competitor making a major push in this space is Arcade1Up, as its standalone cabinets don’t need any sort of cross-game compatibility to work properly.

iiRcade recently unveiled its Gold Edition line, available at a preorder discount for $799 before jumping to $999 after this period ends. The new line features a more traditional arcade form factor, a light-up marquee, and a new control panel that can be opened and modified without voiding the warranty. Alongside the 11 bundled games, every iiRcade system has access to the online store for piecemeal purchases of additional games. You can find more information about the Gold Edition in the launch event video above.