Kara Swisher’s Take on Twitter


Lauren Goode: Your brain is starting too much info. OK. But do you want to know what the actual best episode we did was?

Kara Swisher: What?

Lauren Goode: Walt’s retirement episode.

Kara Swisher: Oh, that was good. That was good.

Lauren Goode: That remember we had everyone call in.

Kara Swisher: Yeah. They were funny. Mark Cuban did. That’s right. And—

Lauren Goode: Jack Dorsey did it too, I think.

Kara Swisher: Yeah. Elon and I got in a beef over that. I asked him to do it and then he was mad at Walt for some tweet.

Lauren Goode: That’s right. That’s right. He was mad at Walt.

Kara Swisher: I don’t even remember that beef. I don’t know why.

Lauren Goode: Do you still have those emails? I’m do you have those receipts?

Kara Swisher: I’m sure I have all of them. I don’t even want to talk to you about the Sean Parker ones. They were—

Lauren Goode: We have time if you’d like to.

Kara Swisher: No, he was upset. Let’s just say he was upset about his wedding.

Lauren Goode: Oh, the wedding. That was the wedding of the, the redding. The Wedding of the Redwood Forest.

Kara Swisher: I think I just retweeted two different stories, one pro and one con. He got mad about the pro one or the con one. I don’t remember.

Michael Calore: What can you do?

Lauren Goode: What is—

Kara Swisher: I got a bunch of VA injuries and texts that are funny. I don’t want to tell you.

Lauren Goode: Does he block you on Twitter?

Kara Swisher: Yes, he does now. I have no idea why.

Michael Calore: Well, join the club. Welcome to the club.

Lauren Goode: I know. We’re all in the club. What’s your favorite non-Kara Swisher podcast right now?

Kara Swisher: I don’t have time to listen to podcasts. Whew. I don’t know.

Michael Calore: You can say Gadget Lab.

Kara Swisher: Gadget Lab, I don’t listen to a lot. I listen to history podcasts when I listen to them. I find them really interesting. I listen to books, actually, more than podcasts. I know it sounds terrible, but I listen to books more than anything. I just finished the Hamilton book after four years of listening. It was great. It was great.

Lauren Goode: All right, we’re going to take another quick break. And then Kara, we’re going to ask you for one more recommendation and then we’ll wrap it up.

Kara Swisher: OK.

Lauren Goode: Kara, as our guest of honor, what is your recommendation for our listeners this week?

Kara Swisher: What to listen to right now?

Lauren Goode: No. Anything. Could be anything.

Kara Swisher: Anything.

Lauren Goode: Anything you’re into this week.