Relax at the beach in luxury with these 100% Turkish cotton peshtemals


Hit the beach or spa in style the next time you vacation with these space-saving, fast-drying peshtemals. They’re made of soft, 100% Turkish cotton.

Look great at the beach this summer with the La’Hammam Fine Living Beach Towels. These 100% Turkish cotton peshtemals boast beautiful designs and dry quickly thanks to their soft, high-quality material.

When you plan a getaway, you want to pack the right accessories. And these cotton beach towels are sure to come in handy. From going on a trip to the islands to acting as a yoga mat, they fit many uses and fold compactly. Plus, they look beautiful.

Dry off with a 100% Turkish cotton towel

When you’re on vacation, you want to treat yourself. So, when you head to the resort spa or hammam, you don’t want to take a faded old beach towel with you.

You deserve to dry off in soft, absorbent Turkish cotton. The material is known for its extra-long fibers, making the fabric more durable. Meanwhile, it feels smooth and gentle on the skin.

Since the La’Hammam Fine Living Beach Towels are made of 100% cotton, you don’t have to worry about any synthetic fabrics irritating your skin.

Pack towels that are ideal for travel

Standard pool towels tend to be bulky and somewhat heavy. And most people avoid packing them on flights since they take up so much suitcase space.

But Turkish cotton peshtemals are different. Their light, thin texture ensures a small footprint, allowing them to fold and fit easily in your luggage.

That way, you can have your own stylish towel at the beach instead of relying on the hotel’s or packing a bulkier one of your own.

La’Hammam Fine Living Beach Towels fold up small

Use this woven beach towel at the gym, spa & anywhere

But you don’t have to plan the trip of a lifetime to enjoy a little extra luxury. On the contrary, these 100% Turkish cotton peshtemals are pretty versatile.

Use them as picnic blankets with plenty of room for your dishes. They also work great as bath towels, yoga mats, gym towels, and sarongs.

Otherwise, fashion one into a swaddle for your little one or place it under your pet when he sits on the sofa.

La’Hammam Fine Living Beach Towels video

Enjoy both sides of this reversible towel

Standard beach towels also fall short because their designs are one-sided. The other side is usually a boring white color.

However, when you add the La’Hammam Fine Living Beach Towels to your beach bag, you can use both sides of the towel. This is important if you plan on using it as a sarong or swaddle.

Go for a towel that’s highly absorbent and quick drying

Although these 100%Turkish cotton peshtemals are thin, they’re actually highly absorbent. So you can count on them to dry you off thoroughly after a dip in the hot tub or pool.

Then, they dry quickly in the sun. That way, you really can just take a quick swim and head to your next adventure without having to wait for hours while your towel dries.

Enjoy a towel that doesn’t hold odor

You know what happens if you don’t dry your terrycloth beach towel completely? It gets a little stinky.

Luckily, these towels dry quickly and don’t have the time to develop any smells. So they ensure your beach or gym bag always smells fresh and clean.

Choose from a wide palette of colors

Meanwhile, the La’Hammam Fine Living Beach Towels come in a wide range of colors. So, no matter your style preferences, you’re sure to find a peshtemal that matches yours.

The current offerings on the company’s website show over 20 styles—and almost each comes in different color options.

Select a cotton beach towel with a history

While peshtemals aren’t that common in the US, the brand says they have a long history and rich cultural background. These woven goods have been around for centuries and are still regular household items in the Mediterranean.

Add it as a home decor item

Since these woven towels are so aesthetically pleasing, they also make a lovely home decor item. Display folded ones in baskets or use one to cover a small table. They add an instant beachy feeling to your interior.

These 100% Turkish cotton peshtemals are such a versatile travel item. From beach towels to yoga mats, they have so many uses.

Best of all, the 100% Turkish cotton material keeps it soft and fast-drying. Add one—or more—to your beach tote for that extra touch of style.

The La’Hammam Fine Living Beach Towels start at $29.99 on the official website. Do you know of any must-have travel items for the beach? Tell us about them in the comments.

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