Super Cloner 3D Strategy Guide – Kill Enemies and Stay Safe With These Hints and Tips


Super Cloner 3D is a game that sees you playing as a puddle of black goop. You need to move around the levels, hiding from enemies and attacking when their backs are turned. Then you can absorb their bodies, steal their skills and create some impressive havoc of your own.

While the central idea of the game is pretty clear, there’s a lot going on in the periphery that you’re going to have to get to grips with. And that’s why we’ve written this guide. It’s made up of the best strategies we discovered during our time playing Super Cloner 3D, and now we’re sharing them with you.

Just about to absorb your first victim? Already taken down a couple of bosses? Wherever you are in your Super Cloner 3D journey, there’s going to be something in the list below to help you out. So let’s do this – here are the best hints, tips and cheats for Super Cloner 3D.

Stay out of the cones

The grey cones are the visual range of the enemies you’re trying to get past. If they spot you, the cones will turn red. When that happens they’re going to charge towards you with violence on their minds. Stay out of the cones and approach your foes from the side or behind to avoid taking damage.

Unlock the new moves

When you inhabit the body of an enemy with a new move you’ll get to use it once to try it out, then you’ll have to watch a video to be able to add it to your deck. If you like the move, then watch the video. If you don’t, there’s not much point watching the video, since you’re probably never going to use it again.

Switch bodies

Sometimes it’s a good idea to kill the body you’re inhabiting – by tapping the yellow skull button in the bottom left of the screen – and move on to someone new. That’s definitely the case when there’s only a small space to sneak through to get to your next victim. Don’t get too attached – drop a body when it’s outlived its usefulness.

Cameras set off alarms

The cameras appear as moving gray circles, and you need to avoid them at all costs. Slide into one and you’ll set off an alarm, which will alert all nearby guards to your presence. That’s going to leave you in a desperate fight to survive. Stay out of the camera’s view and stay safe.

Use the scenery

There are various items that you can use to your advantage. For one, you can inhabit plants and use them to attack your enemies. There are other objects you can climb into too – vending machines, for example – that can give you a shortcut to finishing the level. Figure out what you can use, and make sure you use it to your advantage.