txtNation | Buy Game Credit works with txtNation to enable mobile payments for Xbox games


txtNation | Buy Game Credit works with txtNation to enable mobile payments for Xbox games

Press Release

Mobile billing and messaging company, txtNation has worked with BuyGameCredit.com, enabling them to sell Xbox points and Gold Membership, using mobile payments.

The points can be used to purchase Microsoft Xbox games, meaning this is a quasi-physical product, previously typically sold ‘physically’ in a retail environment. Working with the mobile network operators, txtNation were able to negotiate lower transaction fees after discussing this specific business case, allowing Buy Game Credit to remain competitive.

txtNation enabled Buy Game Credit to provide mobile payments through their website and mobile site via Direct Billing across a number of countries worldwide, connecting to the txtNation Gateway APIs to power their in-site purchasing.

The new payment method went live first in Sweden and Norway before other countries, all with a successful launch and great response. Buy Game Credit spoke to their customers via a survey and found that 93% would never buy their Xbox points with any other payment method than mobile payments.

txtNation’s Chief Business Development Officer, Danny Marino commented positively on the new service “This is an exciting new service, which has been made possible by our close relationships with the mobile network operators. Buy Game Credit’s research has shown there is an appetite for mobile payments among gamers.“

You can find out more about txtNation, its Mobile Billing solutions and more on accepting SMS payments by visiting http://www.txtnation.com/about/call/ or emailing [email protected]. Latest news can be found on txtNation’s blog at http://blog.txtnation.com.

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Credit: txtNation | Buy Game Credit works with txtNation to enable mobile payments for Xbox games