Untitled Combat Arena Codes – New Codes, June 30!


If you’re looking for Untitled Combat Arena codes, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’re going to round up the latest codes in an orderly fashion, and we’ll keep it updated so you don’t have to go anywhere else for your freebies. As such, we’d recommend you bookmark this page and check back often.

Untitled Combat Arena is a brand new Roblox adventure that challenges you to explore a variety of anime universes. Along the way, you’ll battle enemies, earn cash, and spend it on brand new equipment to power up your character. It all sounds very Roblox, doesn’t it?

The good news is, many of the codes provide you with free cash, which will give you an enormous advantage whether you’re a returning, or current, player. So make sure to check back as often as you can.

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The Latest Untitled Combat Arena Codes

Last checked for codes on June 30.

  • 8KLIKES (New!)
  • POGCHAMP (New!)
  • 900KVISITS
  • 800KVISITS
  • 5KLIKES – Cash (new servers only!)
  • 700KVISITS – Cash
  • 600KVISITS – Cash
  • 4KLIKES – Cash
  • 3K Likes – Cash
  • 500K Visits – Cash
  • 1K Likes – $95
  • 2K Likes – $100
  • 100K Visits – $75
  • 250K Visits – $85

Expired Codes

This Roblox fighter is pretty new in the game, so doesn’t have any expired codes just yet. Good for us, right?

How do I Redeem Untitled Combat Arena Codes?

Redeeming your codes is very simple. Launch Untitled Combat Arena, boot up the menu, and tap on the ‘Codes’ button. From here, you can simply copy a code from our list above, paste it into the field, and hit ‘Enter’ to redeem it.

Now, go and spend all of that cash on some new equipment.

Where Can I Get More Codes?

We’ll keep this guide updated as often as there are new codes, so we recommend bookmarking it and checking back often to see what’s new.

Alternatively, you can join the official Discord to get new codes directly from the developer. You’ll find them in the ‘Announcements’ tab.

Is There an Untitled Combat Arena Wiki?

Yes, there is. Sadly, though, it’s empty at this point. You can keep an eye out for new content by joining it now on Fandom.